• 22-03-2024
  • Mariana
  • City:Luxembourg City
  • Looks
  • Services:
  • Communication:
  • Reviewer:marcioling1
  • Kiss:With tongue
  • Blowjob:Without condom
  • CIM:No
  • Sex:Average
  • Anal:No
  • Breast:Don't know
  • Extra Ball:Don't know
  • Photo:Real picture


I felt disrespected not going to lie. When I was fucking her she was pressing me to cum faster and I didn’t so after 15 minutes she was saying like the time was finished I said no not true we started fucked again and again pressing me to cum faster, she kept switching positions all 2 minutes and she wasn’t doing efforts in the doggy or missionary. She said that we could do 69 so in my point I can go with my tongue in her pussy, no she didn’t let me she was always pressing and closing her legs so I couldn’t experience the cunningulus to the max, she sucked my dick for 2 minutes the only good thing is that she kissed me with tongue and also without, worse experience and I don’t advice anyone to go to her, it’s a no go for me, a real deception.